What is App Store Optimization


                          What is App Store Optimization


ASO is a process of making the visibility of a Mobile Application. App Store Optimization, basically, is ranking the app higher on the App Store in order to get the app on top and popular. People often use ASO for getting more downloads and getting their app on top someone searches. That results in driving more traffic to the app.

Furthermore, the process of ASO needs a better understanding of the target audience, the keywords your present audience is using to find same apps as yours. When beginning to learn more about what type keywords are being used, one will have a crucial understanding of one’s audience.

Why Use App Store Optimization:-

There are hundreds of thousands of applications in each app store willing to rank above each other. The surprising fact is that most of the publishers aren’t investing in the app store optimization. ASO is a secret weapon that helps in the long run. Spend some time on working on the betterment of your ASO every week. This will eventually impact the app’s overall success and ranking.

How to Optimize Your App

To optimize your app page, Use these steps:

  • The keyword that was inserted in the title of the app must be the keyword with heavy search traffic. When the app starts to have more reviews and rank higher, the news of the app will start to spread over people. Changing the title of the app will make it hard for a word to spread about the app.
  • One should know which keyword is better to improve the search ranking of the app. Also, note if the keyword is used by your target customer or not. It is beneficial to watch competitors. See how to make progress from week to week on the search ranking.
  • Use the keyword at least 5 times in the app description.



Designing the App Page:

  • Have beautiful screenshot and a beautiful design of your app. Make sure you have the best screenshot compared to other competitors to attract users to use your app and download it.
  • Upload a promo or demo video of the app. After all, this is how App Store Optimization works. Attract users by uploading a video online. Place your app on a playstore that people use frequently. Show the target customer that the app is something worth downloading.


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