Stress free computation for grades

So, I was absolutely freaking out recently. Usually I’m pretty composed, but when it comes to final exams, even though I’ve been doing so good it’s cool, I still end up finding that I really struggle to rake any ease into the process of preparing for them. I guess what I mean is that I stress out no matter what. I worry that even though I learned a very kind Mark and my classes, that I will lose it, and fall to a very mediocre or poor mark by botching the final exam and tumbling down into mediocrity and irreparably bad grades. I don’t know why I have this irrational fear, because I really do quite well at school all year long, but then as soon as the final exams come, I just fall apart in my confidence. It’s not the writing of the exams themselves, what you always end up going well, but just the preparing. So, when I discovered the final grade calculator, I was really impressed with how much and improve my State of Mind, as a student, and just allowed me to relax. Because I found that in a lot of courses, even if I were to fail my final exam, which has never happened, and I think probably never will, even if I were to fail, I still wouldn’t feel the course. In fact, even if I got a low-grade, I would still have a final grade that I would be rather pleased with. So, intern, that means that if I did quite well, I would maintain my high marks. So, I really think the final grade percentage calculator for reframing the way I view my exams, and I use it now for every course.

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