Promoting Love through Love Images

Promoting Love through Love Images


It is a famous saying that “a picture tells a thousand words” and it is quite true about the love images. These are the most commonly found form of images on this globe. The Humans are a visual creature. Of all the senses blessed by the God, the visionary sense is the most powerful sense. These senses of ours enable us to see each and every detail of an image and then after processing reacts accordingly. Our mind is also receptive to these visionary things and it processes these things at very fast speed. Following are the main means of promoting love through these love images.

Attraction to Colors

By nature, all the human beings are attracted to bright colors and their vision also catches these colors easily and from a considerable distance. These love images, in the same way, attract our attention and tell us something. The nature of love images gives us a lesson about its particular type. For example, if a married man sees the image of a father loving his small kid, a feeling arouses in his mind to love his kid also. In this way we can say that these love images motivate us.

Attraction to Large Size Images

Love can easily be promoted through large images on hoardings. It will be the experience of every man that we are attracted to large sized images easily. When we see hoarding signs with images, we concentrate upon those images very quickly and grasp the internal meaning. If there is an image of love between a man and his parents, our love for parents arouses at the spot and sometimes we wish to enter the image and share their love.

Visual Culture

In this modern age, we see that most of us have camera phone in our pockets and often use it for taking their own pictures. This visual culture tends to stir our mind and it becomes more receptive to images. As a result, the processing power of brain also increases much. This speedy processing helps us to grasp the images quickly and rightly. In other words, we can say that our vision also plays its role in promoting love through these images.

To sum up it is quite right to say that advertising and promotions through images are more effective now a day. Therefore, love images really promote love between us for different causes and things.



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