How much space does a recliner chair need?



When shopping for recliner chairs, what most people are worried about is the space it is likely to consume. The restricted space of your house can seem like a trouble, but there is a lot you can do about it by selecting the right recliner and making some small changes for a better space plan.

Basic Recliner

A standard recliner, or a two-position recliner requires 1 foot at least from its placement to easily function. A basic recliner can take a good amount of small in your room, unless you position them against the wall. Basic recliners are mostly designed to be placed in lounges, and are therefore more space demanding.

Space-Saving Recliner

The wall saver or space saving recliners require only 6 inches of space between the headrest and wall. They take the least space in your room and can easily be placed in a corner of the room.


Learn about the features of your chair before placing them. Some of the recliners come with heat and massage operation that is electrically powered. You would require an outlet plug for this. For such recliners, you would have to allot a space that is near to a socket. Ensure your chair is properly plugged in so that it can perform well. Such chairs are also heavy, so you cannot shift them too often.


Place a recliner on a moving pad to ensure that you can slide it across the floor with ease. If you are placing it inside your room, then consider some space planning. Fine a location that would allow your recliner to function with ease without disturbing the walking space and other furniture. Measure the recliner from the back to the legs when it is completely in function. Keep at least 5-6 inches of distance from the wall or draperies to ensure easy adjustment. Try a location where it would blend perfectly with your other furniture without disturbing the space between it and the other furniture.


  • Keeping your recliner parallel to the wall consumes less space compared to placing it against the wall.
  • Keep it closed when not in use to minimize the space it consumes
  • Consider drawing a floor plan to see where the recliner chair would look the best
  • Recliner chairs should not overpower the bed, therefore place them opposite to your bed.


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