3 Ways to Make Bluetooth Beacons Work in Libraries

Bluetooth beacons are devices which operate with the help of Bluetooth technology. These devices have brought a mini revolution in many sectors, and are being used in real estate agencies, restaurants, bars, hotels, museums, theme parks, airports, stadiums and more. These are also being efficient used in libraries having a vast collection of art objects. If you want to highlight artworks to people walking past them in your library, beacons with Bluetooth technology can be very useful. These can be pre-set to deliver personalized alerts and messages. Find out 3 ways through which you can make these devices work in libraries.

Use Library app

Request the visitors to your library to install your library app into your digital device. Then, set up the Passkit software development kit (SDK) into your application. This will activate the app and prompt it to act in a specific way, such as showcasing a locked screen message. This will prompt visitors to swipe the notification and the app will get them entry into the network when more details are available regarding the artwork.

Use Library Card

Request the visitors to your library to set up their library card in their wallet app, such as Android Pay – if they are using an Android phone – or Apple Wallet – if they are using an iOS device. When they are close to the beacon, a lock screen notification will appear on their phones. Once they swipe the notification, the library card will take them in. Visitors will be shown links to details about the artwork on the mobile site. Even without any previous experience in programming, a library card can be created.

Use internet browser

If the people visiting your library have Google Chrome or some other web browser installed onto their phone, they can browse objects close to them and find links related to information about art objects. Once they swipe, they will be provided with entry to the relevant online property. For instance, if you have a mobile site for your library with details about each art object present within, visitors can visit the same and get full information.

Bluetooth beacons operate by making a Geo-fence, which can be set up to a total distance of 150 feet. At any time some other compatible Bluetooth-supported device is used within this range, it will be recognized automatically. Interaction with the device can be facilitated easily. The Bluetooth beacon is capable of communicating with an unlimited number of compatible devices simultaneously.

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